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Ruff-Stick Groomers

Family run dog groomers in Walsall!
Let Ruff-Stick Groomers treat your pup like a furry family member! With over 10 years combined experience in caring for dogs, you can be sure your pup will be in safe hands. With a calm rustic styled and 1 to 1 approach, this salon is the perfect place for your pup to get pampered

Introducing the team



This is Willow. She is a 5year old Alaskan Malamute who has an attitude to keep anyone on their toes.

We took slightly different paths to get to Ruff-Stick Groomers:

Dean had a fascination with dog grooming from seeing one of his dogs have a huge transformation as a young teenager, from here he studied at college and joined a large company where he worked in many salons, managed and trained. 

Skye trained on the job at the same large company which is how we met, on an advanced training day! Skye made the decision to move to an independent salon to gain other grooming experiences

Then came PHOENIX! The arrival of our son made working difficult with childcare costs, we decided after a long 7 years of grooming that it was time for our family unit to open Ruff-Stick Groomers! 


Our whole vision is a relaxed home away from home where your pets really do become part of our family, it’s not just a job it’s our whole life! 

This is Tia. She’s is a 7year old Rough Collie who is the most people pleasing lap dog you will ever encounter.

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