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Puppy grooms

Introducing your puppy to the grooming experience is really important for their future. Starting their grooming relationship positive can make the difference to whether your pooch will love the groomers or not! 

I take puppy grooms completely at the pace of the pooch to ensure comfort.

My aim is to have a happy confident puppy that is ready to be styled at 6months of age!

The puppy grooms include

  • A cleanse in the Hydrobath with sensitive shampoo

  • Facial clean with a tearless melon and cucumber face wash

  • A rich condition

  • An inner ear clean

  • Outer ear degrease

  • Blow and fluff dry

  • Brushing and combing

  • Nail trimming

  • Tidying of face (eye clear), feet (pads and rounding of paws) and bottom (clipped sanitary) if required

The puppy pampers are priced between £30-£40 and are available from 3-5 months of age.

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