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I work on a 1:1 bases during all of the services I offer. My pampers are personalised to each individual pooch, my aim is to work with you to ensure every set of paws that enters my salon has a positive experience! Along with the use of high quality products, I pride myself in keeping up to date with new technologies and techniques so that I can offer your pooches the very best possible.


Why not try my full grooming service! I cater for all breeds small and large! I have a wide range of experience in a multitude of breeds, and therefore comfortable in an extensive variety of pet trims. For more information of what your pooch will receive and the pricing, check out the ‘Full Grooming’ page.

For those new to the process, I offer a specialised puppy groom from the ages of 3-5 months. For more information on this, head over to the ‘Puppy Grooms’ page.


Along with the high quality products used in all of the services, I also offer additional treatments that can be added to your pooches pampers! I have selected these special spa treatments to help benefit not only your pooch, but you as well! To see the full variety of additional spas that can be added, head to our ‘Spa & Additional's’ page.


Need a bit of a spruce up between appointments? The Bath & Brush service has you covered! Not only will this keep your pooch from stinking up your home, they are also fantastic to aid the maintenance and health of your pooches coat. For further information of what this service involves and pricing, check out the ‘Bath & Brush’ page.

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