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Spa & Additional Treatments

Along with all the other services, I also offer a range of extra treatments that can be added to on top of your initial pamper. 

Add On

  • Nail Filing £5 - Sometimes a trim is just not enough! By filling after clipping your pooches nails not only can we get them even shorter, all sharp edges will be removed avoiding those harsh scratches. This treatment is great for any breed, I especially recommend this for dogs who struggle to grind down their nails down on their own, such as the smaller pooches like chihuahuas. 

  • Upgraded Ear Cleaner £2 - Although all the services include a basic ear clean, I also have an amazing product that can be upgraded to, ‘Douxo’. ‘Douxo’ is a vet recommended dermatology range, this specific product gives a deeper clean, removing all wax along with properties that aid a healthy canal. I recommend this product for those who have regular infections or naturally yeasty ears such as Spaniels and Bulldogs.

  • Deep Conditioner £3 - For those who struggle with dry hair, I offer an incredible serum that will leave your pooch silky soft. This spa is also perfect for those who have thick curly coats that can be difficult to maintain at home. I recommend this product for curly poodle breeds like Cockapoos and double coats such as Pomeranians. 

Teeth Cleaning

At the salon I use the ‘Emmi Pet’ teeth cleaner. The Emmi Pet German made ultrasonic toothbrush is completely silent, non vibrating and non invasive. You simply apply the special toothpaste and water, then hold it on the dog's teeth. The ultrasound waves, toothpaste and water work together as a team and break down tartar and plaque and kill bacteria. Then the softened plaque can be wiped away.

The technical stuff

The Emmipet has a piezo chip in the brush head which creates up to 96 million air oscillations per minute. When these ultrasound waves are mixed with water and the special toothpaste millions of nano bubbles are created and they keep imploding on each other- this creates a suction effect which removes impurities, plaque and tartar and kills germs and bacteria.


For the first initial appointment, which is a 30 minute appointment, the cost is set at £40. This is due to the fact, the first appointment is the most critical in beginning the plaque breakdown. If the teeth still have some more work to be done I recommend revisiting the salon within 3 weeks from your first appointment, this is to ensure the plaque hasn’t re-hardened again. If you visit in this time frame your next 30 minute appointment will be charged at £20. If you would like regular teeth cleaning between 4-8 weekly, maintenance cleans will be charged at £30. After 8 weeks it is down to teeth condition and groomers digression to whether you will be charged initial price or maintenance. 

If your dog is uncomfortable during the process and I have to stop the appointment, you will be charged for the time spent working with your dog if longer than 15 minutes. If your dog has been with me less than 15 minutes a £20 fee for groomers time is still necessary to cover the booking of your appointment.

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