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Terms & Conditions 


Every new customer is required to pay a £20 deposit per dog at the time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable should you cancel your appointment with less than 48hours of the appointment taking place. Otherwise, deposits will be taken off the groom price. 

Late cancellations/missed appointments

If an appointment is missed or cancelled in less than the 48h time frame, a second deposit and 50% of the original groom price is required before a second booking can me made. If you are late 15minutes or more to your appointment, I may not be able to complete the groom that day. If this is so, your appointment will be classed as ‘missed’ and the above charges apply.


All coats will be assessed and permission given from owner before clipping has begun. If knotting or matting is present that cannot be removed with standard conditioner and brushing (no additional work is needed) then an additional charge will be added to the groom price. Matting prices will depend on severity, however our basic prices are as follows:

  • Behind ears £5

  • Armpits £5

  • Multiple small spot areas £10

  • Body and legs £10- 15

  • Nose to tail £20

Pregnant dogs

If your dog is pregnant or you suspect could possibly be pregnant, I will not be able to offer or complete a groom.

Fleas & Ticks

If you are aware that your dog has fleas, the appointment will be refused on sign in and 50% of the groom price will be required. If fleas are found during the groom, you will be contacted and an additional £15 will be added to the groom price to cover costs of flea shampoo and special disinfectants needed.

Tick removal comes at a cost of £3 per tick.

Aggressive dogs

I reserve the right to refuse/stop a groom if your dog poses a danger to the groomers in the salon, other dogs or themselves. If an appointment is stopped due to behaviour, payment needed will be dependent on the time and products used during their time in the salon. Damages your dog causes are your responsibility to reimburse for.

Data protection 

Your information and personal data will not be shared with any third party without your consent.

Teeth cleaning

Although the ultrasonic teeth cleaning is highly effective, I cannot guarantee all dogs will receive perfect results or that every dog is suitable for this service.

I will not be able to work on wobbly teeth and cannot diagnose dental issues. If I believe there is more than just standard plaque present I will inform you and recommend a vet visit. If a teeth cleaning appointment must be stopped due to dogs behaviour or condition of the teeth, 50% of the appointment cost is still required.

A consultation prior to booking appointment is recommended to access suitability and to avoid disappointment.

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